You Know What? I Need You. Reflections for Friday

You know what? I need you.

Life is happening fast around here. I have decided I need to take time out to remember what happens between the scheduling and exhaustion of everyday life and just reflect. 

This week, you know what I realized? I need you.

I have the honor of being a coach, a mom, a mentor, a leader, and a teacher in some capacity everyday. Most of the time, my mind is consumed by what my particular “team” needs at that moment. I am motivated by the fact that they need me. However, as I look at this week in particular, I can see that I need the people around me as much as they need me. The people I serve–both seen and unseen, including you Reader friend–also serve me often without my acknowledgement.

I know this is not a profound or new thought, but explore this simple moment with me.

 I need every person who comes in and out of my life to help shape and reveal who I am. My volleyball team may need this Coach to guide and develop them but I need someone to inspire and someone to whom I can impart my love and knowledge of the game. My kids need me (they would be dirty, naked, and pitiful without me, right?), but I truly need them (I’d be so much more selfish, impatient, and love-deprived without them, right?). As I check down the list of other relationships I have, the more I see I am as much the benefactor as I am the nurturer. That is, if I take the time to allow that revelation to sink deep.

This kinda deflates the power of my adult pity parties. Playing the caretaker-martyr doesn’t give as much satisfaction if I realize the incredible amounts of gifts that I receive as I give. Can I really be thankful for the aggravation and frustration that some relationships bring with them? Yes. 

Not only can I be thankful, but I can also be humble in knowing that you may need me, but, you know what, I need you, too

Take your moment today and stay,

Just Peachiecropped-cropped-justpeachielogosimple1.jpeg


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