Appeteaser: Today’s Special, 2 for 1

I need people. contributer renjith krishr contributor renjith krishr

And that annoys me.

Told you I would be honest.

Not annoying like people bother me; they don’t. I love people! I love you…probably. The fact that I need you though, makes life more difficult for me to be perfect. Oh, yeah, and the best. I want to be the best. In everything. So when I enter into a situation where someone else adds to my life, I get…


Annoyed that I wasn’t complete before I met that person. Annoyed that he knew something I didn’t. Annoyed because now I feel as if I have to somehow add back to her life, too. Annoyed that I am not an island.

Annoyed and Grateful.

Grateful for the reminder that I am not perfect…so I can RELAX!

Grateful that I am still learning, still growing, and I’m not done yet.

Grateful because if I need someone, then someone else needs me, too.

Grateful because I am not alone.

We were never meant to go through this life by ourselves. And no I don’t mean married, either. We need to foster relationships on every level because those relationships add to, pull out of, and yes at times chisel away at us thereby shaping the very person we are becoming. And to stay ‘in shape’ I need you to help work me out.

And you need me, too.

Isn’t that annoying?


It’s a 2 for 1 deal. We are all created to thrive–you for me and me for you. All relationships, even the bad ones, can be used to strengthen and shape our lives. This week. let’s embrace this truth, connect with somebody, and let them connect with you. Help shape someone, and let the shaping happen in you as well. 2 lives changed for the price of 1.

No annoyance required.

You keep connecting and I’ll stay,



What’s new on the ME{N}U?

The Big Question: What’s new on the ME{N}U?

The answer: Everything.

Welcome to Just Peachie’s blog I affectionately call the ME{N})U!


Menu (Photo credit: Renée S. Suen)

Did you read that right? No, not the menu.

The ME{N}U…the Me and YOU!

We are here enjoying these words together because as you read, I leave a little of me here with you. So we’re together, me and you (ME{N}U). My hope is that when we are done, we will have connected (me and you), we will be inspired (me and you), we will think (me and you), we will learn (me and you) we will laugh, (me and you), and we will grow, (me and you.)

So what is on the ME{N}U?
Cornbread, collard greens, macaroni and cheese...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On this ME{N}U, we’re going to focus on SOUL FOOD, but not the kind you eat. The kind you live. Now I will post food related things only because, let’s be honest, I like to eat! I am a hopeless pinterest addict and through so many others there is a recipe or food related item that will correspond to everything I write. I also believe that food and life go hand in hand. Birthdays bring cakes. Parties bring appetizers. Holidays bring calories…I mean food traditions. Life. Food. Together. Eat up both!

And who is this who decides the ME{N}U?

To quote one of my favorite movies, (imagine now an English accent) “Me! That’s Who!” I, Just Peachie, must warn you that I am no expert. I got me some edumacation (yes, I did that on purpose. I know how to use spell check). But I want to assure you that whatever comes from this site, comes from me, personally, and hopefully from…


I want to hear what you have to say about life. What is life serving you up when we dish on topics? We all have something in common and something to bring into each other’s lives. Like a good meal, life is best when shared with others. That’s the beauty of blogging right?

Empty plate

(Photo credit: noodlepie)

So join me as I take bites of life, hopefully not more than I can chew, savor whatever it dishes, and serve tasty tidbits to you as well.

May life come at you new and afresh this week! Until then, we’ll try and stay,



curtesy of Stuart Miles

courtesy of Stuart Miles

I am so excited to be the New Kid on the Blog Yes, I did go there. Yes, I was a teen girl in the 80s/90s. Yes, I know all the words to The Right Stuff. No I won’t sing it for you, but let’s hope I have just the right stuff for this blog! Hope you’ll join me for all things life-inspired and non-fattening

Telstar Test Launch

 (Photo credit: jurvetson)


Launch date: Monday, April 29th.

I can’t promise you our talks won’t get personal at times, but I do promise to be real, to be honest, and to be present.

Together we will savor what life dishes and everything will be as it should be…