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Leigh-Anne and Nikki have literally written the book on intentional blogging (for real…buy it on their site) and I am humbled and thrilled to partner with them.

Read it. Love it. Share it. And let me know what you think!

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Linking up with CMB this summer!

I am a Christian…the Christ-follower for real I should love my neighbor and God, turn the other cheek, I’m not a super-saint or ever want to be kind of Christian.

I am a mommy…five kiddos if I have counted correctly…and I have, over and over again. Got to keep a head count or I WILL LOSE ONE OF THEM. All from me and my hubby. I would say all natural, but surgery was a big part of bringing them into this world, so I will say they are home-grown but doc delivered.

I am a blogger. Or whatever you call someone who writes their heart, puts it into the unknown and hopes that SOMEONE like you lovely person will read it. I aspire to be a blogger you and your friends love to read but I intend to continue to be real. I will take intent over aspiration any day.

With that thought of intention in mind, I would like to announce that I will be a guest blogger for Christian Mommy Blogger sometime this summer! I will keep you posted. I am very excited and humbled that Nikki & Leigh Ann would allow me to bring words of encouragement to their readers. I will update you as the date comes closer.

Thanks for listening and thanks Christian Mommy Blogger for the opportunity! Check them out!

FMF: In Between

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I’m trying something new. I’m linking up with FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS to exercise my skills in writing and creating and connecting. Hope you enjoy these bonus posts! Hope I can keep them up every Friday! Want more information? Check them out

Five Minute Friday

TODAYS TOPIC : In Between…

Sounds like a song. Some beautiful melody which connects almost anything. In between two people, two essences, two time frames, two situations. It’s a bridge for sure. Connecting. Forever connecting.

It could be a love song or a song of distress. In between could also block. Something so huge. Impassable. The notes are distinct, played in minor key. The in between is seen but unmoveable. So sad. The melody lingers, unresolved, wanting to give more but it just can’t.

The in between. A definite place with its own boundaries and confines. Like the music it reveals, relationships are involved. You need two things to connect in between. You need two objects for in between to exist.

How can I today make my in betweens sound sweet to our ears?