Goodbye Frozen Death! Hello Spring!

“In the bleak midwinter…”

Dead Tree Without Leaves Isolated” by Ohmega1982

Yup. That about sums up how I felt all winter long. Not snowy enough in my midwest to inspire instagram worthy landscape pictures. So cold not enough layers of thermal underwear warmed my little tush enough to get me outside to linger in winter fun.

This winter was just bleak…no wonder all I could see was the dead in it. 

As I was stuck inside with my two not-yet-ready for school kids, I often found myself feeling facing this bleak feeling. How many more rounds of “the wheels on the bus go round and round” was I going to make it through? (On a positive note, I now know how to use “creature power”…thanks PBS and Wild Kratts). I formally want to submit a name change for this winter. I was thinking maybe the Summer-Killer but I have decided on naming it Frozen Death. I can imagine my boys will have a lot of fun learning that in 4K class. Spring, summer, fall, and Frozen Death. Ok, maybe not. But it got me thinking…

Death is not a huge jump to describe winter. Nature shows us again how every stage of life is actually needed. The death of winter..the dormant seeds, the hibernating animals, the reboot of creation, will give way and let in a whole new, beautiful season of LIFE with Spring. I may not like its coldness or darkness. I may drink a bit too much hot chocolate and put on a few too many “warming pounds”. I may not like it, but I need it. Life cycles with death.

Easter is around the corner at my house. The kids are on “Spring” break (quotes because we never know quite how the weather will feel.) We are excited to have family time and in those times we will visit the idea of death. In our house, we honor the Easter season.

“Golgota” by bela_kiefer The story of the cross and the sacrifice made has an important message for us on the meaning of death. The remembering of Jesus’ death reminds me that there is a power so much bigger and stronger and grander than the loss. I am not asking you to get spiritual with me right now but just walk with me down this road. His death and then glorious resurrection is a beautiful mirror of the hope we can have when we face death.

We will never like death in any of its forms; death can by physical, but it can also be a lost relationship, dream, idea, and more. These deaths need not to be in vain ever.

Even from loss, life can spring up–through honoring a loved one and beginning a new journey with that loved one in mind; through the failure of an idea and new one springs up.

When our winter brings death, we have to hold on because just like the Easter story new life is on its way.

Hold on to hope even if the surroundings look bleak. If you can hold on, then hold on to Hope.

Goodbye frozen death…HELLO SPRING!!


courtesy by by adamr

For whatever life dishes, I’m trying to stay,