FMF: In Between

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I’m trying something new. I’m linking up with FIVE MINUTE FRIDAYS to exercise my skills in writing and creating and connecting. Hope you enjoy these bonus posts! Hope I can keep them up every Friday! Want more information? Check them out

Five Minute Friday

TODAYS TOPIC : In Between…

Sounds like a song. Some beautiful melody which connects almost anything. In between two people, two essences, two time frames, two situations. It’s a bridge for sure. Connecting. Forever connecting.

It could be a love song or a song of distress. In between could also block. Something so huge. Impassable. The notes are distinct, played in minor key. The in between is seen but unmoveable. So sad. The melody lingers, unresolved, wanting to give more but it just can’t.

The in between. A definite place with its own boundaries and confines. Like the music it reveals, relationships are involved. You need two things to connect in between. You need two objects for in between to exist.

How can I today make my in betweens sound sweet to our ears?